Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We have officially earned the Gold-Tier Level as a Green America approved business! Bare Body Soaps Organics is dedicated to our eco-friendly business practices. We utilize recycled and recyclable packaging, use sustainable ingredients, fair-trade ingredients, and our soap shop uses green practices in every aspect of our business.

Why don't you try to incorporate some green practices into your life?  Utilize day-lighting instead of flipping that switch. You can use recycled paper products, or switch to electronic communications. If you have a choice between a product made with sustainable resources versus one that isn't, purchase the one that does. There are so many ways to be green these days, and you don't have to do everything all at once.  Just pick one thing.  For example, recycle your water bottles, or don't buy plastic water bottles at all.  Reusable water bottles are great. You can always bring your own bag to the store instead of using the plastic ones they give you. At our local grocery store, you can receive $0.10 per bag discount off of your grocery bill just for bringing your own bags. Start small and add a new eco-friendly practice when you are ready. Small steps can lead to big results!

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