Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bare Body Soaps Organics is proud to donate to the Paws & Pearls event benefiting the Laramie Peak Humane Society.  Paws & Pearls will be this Saturday, December 3, in the McKibben Cafeteria at the Wyoming State Fairgrounds in Douglas, WY.  Silent Auction and cocktails begin at 5:30 p.m. and the Live Auction and Dinner begin at 7:00 p.m.  Tickets are available from Carolyn Greene at

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We have officially earned the Gold-Tier Level as a Green America approved business! Bare Body Soaps Organics is dedicated to our eco-friendly business practices. We utilize recycled and recyclable packaging, use sustainable ingredients, fair-trade ingredients, and our soap shop uses green practices in every aspect of our business.

Why don't you try to incorporate some green practices into your life?  Utilize day-lighting instead of flipping that switch. You can use recycled paper products, or switch to electronic communications. If you have a choice between a product made with sustainable resources versus one that isn't, purchase the one that does. There are so many ways to be green these days, and you don't have to do everything all at once.  Just pick one thing.  For example, recycle your water bottles, or don't buy plastic water bottles at all.  Reusable water bottles are great. You can always bring your own bag to the store instead of using the plastic ones they give you. At our local grocery store, you can receive $0.10 per bag discount off of your grocery bill just for bringing your own bags. Start small and add a new eco-friendly practice when you are ready. Small steps can lead to big results!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bare Body Soaps Organics is pleased to announce that our handcrafted soaps are now available in organic gift baskets through America’s Best Organics. Based in Boulder, Colorado, America’s Best Organics is on a mission to promote the growth of organic food, agriculture and local economies by serving as the nation’s leading provider of all organic and eco-friendly gift collections. The gifts come in beautiful keepsake boxes that can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Leaping Bunny's 15th Anniversary

Bare Body Soaps Organics is proud to be certified cruelty-free by The Leaping Bunny Program. The Leaping Bunny Program is turning 15 years old in November!  Help our friends at Leaping Bunny celebrate their 15th anniversary by taking their pledge to go cruelty-free.  The Leaping Bunny Logo provides the best assurance that a product is free of animal testing.  Take the leap today!  The Program, administered by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), provides consumers with the best assurance that personal care and household products are truly cruelty-free.

Leaping Bunny Milestones:

  • Certified almost 400 companies as cruelty-free.
  • Distributed more than 235,000 copies annually of the Compassionate Shopping Guide, a wallet-sized guide listing all certified companies.
  • Developed the only free cruelty-free app for both the iPhone and Android phones.
  • Amassed the largest number of "likes" on Facebook in the realm of cruelty-free shopping.
In a sea of bunny logos and "no animal testing" statements, shoppers can rest assured that Leaping Bunny's high standard is the best of the best, requiring companies and their ingredient suppliers to not only commit to no new animal testing, but to also be open to independent audits.  The Leaping Bunny Logo is the only internationally recognized logo for cruelty-free certification and has been named as the most trusted cruelty-free logo by leading consumer blogs and magazines.

The Program is administered by the following animal protection organizations:  American Anti-Vivisection Society; Animal Alliance of Canada; Beauty Without Cruelty, USA; Doris Day Animal League; The Humane Society of Canada; The Humane Society of the United States; MSPCA Center for Laboratory Animal Welfare; and New England Anti-Vivisection Society.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Store

This Saturday will be the Grand Opening of our 12 Days of Christmas Store at 3233 CY Ave., Casper, WY.  Come celebrate 30 years of a Casper tradition and enjoy homemade cookies too.  We offer jewelry, art, stained glass, packaged food, SOAP and bath items, alpaca products, fiber art, antiques, and more.  The store will be open from November 12 through December 23.  Stop in and see all the unique and handcrafted items we have for sale.  We hope to see you there!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Farmer's Markets

Summer is the time for fun in the sun. It's also time for gardener's to reap what they sow. Here in WY we have a very small growing season, so the Farmer's Markets are just starting to open. We sold our Bare Body Soaps at our first Farmer's Market last Tuesday at the Downtown Casper Community Farmer's Market in front of the Nicolaysen Museum. There was an amazing young man playing the guitar and singing, which made the evening even more enjoyable than usual. Tomorrow we will be packing our soaps, table, etc. in the car again to drive to Casper so we can participate in the Farmer's Market. This is our second year in Casper and it is quite an enjoyable experience. There are activities for the kids each week, music, good food, a chance to meet new friends and visit with old friends, and of course a chance to buy crafts made by the local artisans. There isn't a lot of produce for sale yet, but as the season progresses, I look forward to purchasing some home-grown veggies. If you are in the Casper area, please stop by tomorrow night from 5-7:30 p.m. to visit us. If you live elsewhere, stop by a farmer's market in your area. Each market is unique, but they all involve great people, good for you fresh produce, local crafts, and fun in the sun!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bare Body Soaps has gone ORGANIC!

Yahoo!  My dream of having organic products that are also vegan and handcrafted has finally come true!  Bare Body Soaps now exclusively uses certified organic extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil (from a sustainable source) to create our handcrafted soaps. This ensures that there are no chemicals or toxins sprayed on the crops grown to make the oils we use in our soaps. Our soaps are now vegan and we are currently in the development stage for an organic, vegan lip balm.

We have always implemented the green practices of utilizing recycled packaging, having a website that uses wind energy, and selling even our soap ends (in our soap in a bag) so that there is no waste in the production of our soaps. Going organic completes our commitment for caring for our customers and our planet.  At Bare Body Soaps "we care for what's bare"!

Friday, June 17, 2011

In Honor of Lance Cpl. Sean O'Connor

Today our town, Douglas, WY will be lining the streets and attending the funeral for Marine Lance Cpl. Sean O'Connor who was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan.  He was 22 year old at the time of his death, and he was serving our country.  He was killed June 12 during a patrol in the Helmand Province Region of southwest Afghanistan by a rocket propelled grenade during a search.

This is especially close to my heart because my father was a Marine who served three tours in the Vietnam War.  He served his country dutifully for 28 years and retired as a Lt. Col.  He was stationed in Camp Pendleton at one point in his career, and when my parents retired, they moved outside the back gate of Camp Pendleton.  My father died 3 days before 9/11 and was buried at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego.  Sean O'Connor was stationed out of Camp Pendleton, and even though I never met Sean, my heart grieves for his family & friends.

Our prayers go out to Sean's friends, family, & neighbors.  May God grant you comfort and strength during this difficult time.   Thank you Sean for your service.  May this remind all of us that freedom isn't free, it's paid for with the lives of honorable men & women.  Remember to thank a veteran for his service and keep the O'Connor family in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Little Girl's Hero

Today is Memorial Day.  I am so very grateful for those that have given their lives for our freedom.  When I was a child my Dad was in the Marine Corps.  I remember him coming home from one of 3 tours in Vietnam and wishing he could stay forever.  When he left, I tried giving him a kiss for every day he'd be gone from me, and my Mom had to pry me from his neck as he left with tears in his eyes.
When I was older my Dad was stationed in Morocco and was able to take my Mom, my sister, and me with him.  It was a fascinating place for a young girl. This was one of my favorite times in my childhood because I was able to see my Dad almost every single day. I had short hair and could pass for a boy which was quite advantageous in a Muslim country.  My dad would take me on trips with him and his friend (whom I found out later was the King of the Berber tribe).  The Berber King was a very nice man in the eyes of a child.  However, as much as I enjoyed being with my Dad it wasn't hard to miss the lack of freedom women and girls had back then in Morocco.  My Mom took my sister and I to a rug factory where there were kids younger than I was and they were working from morning to night. Not all kids could go to school.

The poverty was almost unbearable to see. Even as a child my heart would break for the Moroccan kids who didn't have much.  While hunting with my Dad & the Berber King, we frequently were treated to meals by some of the locals.  They lived in mud huts with tin roofs. The cooked in mud ovens outside. The water was not clean. Yet, they fed us a feast.  Their hospitality was amazing.

Living in Morocco made me appreciate what I had in the U.S..  I am so grateful for the experience because it made me appreciate EVERYTHING I have. I know Morocco is a different, more advanced country now and I'm glad. I would love to go back and visit but I will always live in these great United States of America. Where we have a democracy, not a dictator. Where people can work hard and achieve the american dream. Where there is freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, etc.  We have clean water, representatives in government, and military personnel willing to die to maintain our freedom. 

God bless America!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Moms Make Life an Adventure!

My mom will be 80 years old this month. She's a wonderful lady who has done a lot in her lifetime.  Everything is an adventure to her, good or bad. She never lets life get her down and she is always encouraging everyone around her to do something new and exciting. She knows how to laugh deeply and often. She doesn't let the little or big things get her down.  Even though my mom  lives in CA and I live in WY we are able to keep in touch.  I call my mom at least twice a week.  I call her about ordinary, mundane, everyday things, and she's the first one I want to talk to when something exciting or upsetting happens.  She's my mom and I love her.

Mother's Day is this Sunday.  If you are able to, make sure you let your mom know how much she means to you.  A homemade card, a big hug, or a simple telephone call will be appreciated I'm sure.  I sent my mom a Twine Gift Basket from Bare Body Soaps to let her know I'm thinking of her.  Of course that is one of the perks of being the owner.  :)  I happen to be a mom of 9 kids. One of my favorite Mother's Day gifts was when my then teenage kids made me breakfast and put wildflowers in a vase for the table.  It was great!

We at Bare Body Soaps appreciate all that moms do for their families so we encourage you to do something nice for your mom this Sunday. 

My Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.  :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day

Earth Day in 2 Days!

It will be Earth Day on April 22, 2011.  I love God's wonderful creation, Earth, and I try to take care of it as best I can.  I recycle, reduce, and reuse.  I buy our family's clothes at the thrift store.  I recycle my newspapers.  I get my magazines via internet to save some trees.That's why I started to make soap in the first place.  I try to go as natural as I can by making my own cleaning products, laundry detergent, bar soap, toothpaste, etc.  Our family rarely eats processed foods.  We eat healthy, from scratch meals every day, and I grind my own grains to make our homemade bread.  We are putting in a new garden this year since we had to tear out our old one last year.  My kids are GREAT gardeners.  They learned from my wonderful friend who is a master gardener.  Good thing, since I've never been great at gardening.  That's the thing.  Just because you may not be good at something, doesn't mean you can't do it anyway.  For example, my purse was breaking and falling apart so my daughter sewed me a new one out of scrap materials.  She's just learning to sew but she did a wonderful job and I will treasure my drawstring bag (I mean purse) made out of jean material and scrap pink flowered material forever.  So go ahead, next time you need to throw something away, think about who else could use it or how you could recycle it.  Grow a garden, even if it only consists of herbs or just 1 zucchini plant.  Start small and expand later.  Re-think everything you buy to see if you can make it yourself. Take care of our wonderful earth a little bit at a time.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Black Bean Burgers on a Grass-Fed Beef Ranch?

Yesterday I went to my Ranch Mom friend's ranch to visit with her family and our mutual friend, Air Force Wife (and kids).  On my way I called to ask if I could bring anything for lunch and Ranch Mom suggested hamburger buns since we were eating black bean burgers for lunch.  I asked how many, and Ranch Mom said, "well, there will be 14 kids and 5 adults".  14 kids!!!!!  Wow!  Then I realized that 7 of them were mine.  :)  Good thing we were meeting at the ranch and not in my house.  I only have 1 acre of land for the little monsters, a.k.a. beautiful children, to play on.

Well, we all had a GREAT time.  Ranch Mom, Air Force Wife, and Soap Lady (me) didn't just sit around eating bon-bons and watching t.v. while the little ones ran around outside getting muddy shoes from stepping in the creek.  Oh no, that wouldn't be productive enough for us home schooling moms.  Well, not to let a quiet house go to waste, we made papaya shrimp salad, black bean burgers, homemade sauerkraut and homemade cortido.  Of course, while peeling and chopping what I thought was a papaya, I was informed that it was a mango.  Ooops!  So, we ate a tasty snack of mango as well.  Ranch Dad gave us a bit of a hard time for having black bean burgers on a grass-fed beef ranch, but it was all in good fun.

Unfortunately, the time for the Soap Lady (me) & her kids to go came too quickly.  Ranch Mom & Air Force Wife were planning on making homemade ketchup later in the day, but I would have to miss out.  As I was gathering up the kiddos, Ranch Dad hooked up the horse & cart and gave the kids a pleasant ride among the beautiful hills surrounding the ranch, before I had to rush home to make sure dinner was ready for my wonderful family!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello & Welcome!

Hello!  My name is Rosanne Muncy and this is the first time I have ever blogged.  I am the owner of Bare Body Soaps where "we care for what's bare".  Here at Bare Body Soaps we love to make handcrafted & natural soap.  I started this company because I wanted a natural soap for my family & friends to use, without any harsh synthetics or detergents.  I was inspired by beautiful Wyoming's clear, blue skies and its wide, open spaces. Our soaps are an affordable luxury for yourself or as a gift.

Well, hang in there with me as I enter the new world of blogging.  I'll try my best!