Saturday, April 9, 2011

Black Bean Burgers on a Grass-Fed Beef Ranch?

Yesterday I went to my Ranch Mom friend's ranch to visit with her family and our mutual friend, Air Force Wife (and kids).  On my way I called to ask if I could bring anything for lunch and Ranch Mom suggested hamburger buns since we were eating black bean burgers for lunch.  I asked how many, and Ranch Mom said, "well, there will be 14 kids and 5 adults".  14 kids!!!!!  Wow!  Then I realized that 7 of them were mine.  :)  Good thing we were meeting at the ranch and not in my house.  I only have 1 acre of land for the little monsters, a.k.a. beautiful children, to play on.

Well, we all had a GREAT time.  Ranch Mom, Air Force Wife, and Soap Lady (me) didn't just sit around eating bon-bons and watching t.v. while the little ones ran around outside getting muddy shoes from stepping in the creek.  Oh no, that wouldn't be productive enough for us home schooling moms.  Well, not to let a quiet house go to waste, we made papaya shrimp salad, black bean burgers, homemade sauerkraut and homemade cortido.  Of course, while peeling and chopping what I thought was a papaya, I was informed that it was a mango.  Ooops!  So, we ate a tasty snack of mango as well.  Ranch Dad gave us a bit of a hard time for having black bean burgers on a grass-fed beef ranch, but it was all in good fun.

Unfortunately, the time for the Soap Lady (me) & her kids to go came too quickly.  Ranch Mom & Air Force Wife were planning on making homemade ketchup later in the day, but I would have to miss out.  As I was gathering up the kiddos, Ranch Dad hooked up the horse & cart and gave the kids a pleasant ride among the beautiful hills surrounding the ranch, before I had to rush home to make sure dinner was ready for my wonderful family!

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